$275-Copper Finial

Finials are a great accent to your home and a guarunteed way to get your neighbors talking.  ​This finial is pure copper and soldered together for a unique look.  This particular piece has already started to patina so it will look even better once installed.   The base measures                                 5"x5" and total height is 25" tall.



$400-Lighthouse Finial

This finial is large but detailed.  It is made from a paintable galvanized metal.  The nautical theme can go great with any home looking for something different.  The base measures 10"x10" and total height is 42" tall.

Occasionally our creative side comes out and we try something new.  These items listed with pricing are sold as-is.

Installation, delivery and modifications will be charged separately.

If you have questions or are ready to place your order you may contact us or stop by our shop.

​Check back periodically, you never know what you might find.

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$650-Copper Dome

This Dome is 16oz copper and ready to mount in your location of choosing.  Would make a beautiful accent to an outdoor arbor.  A 4" ball is on top and the base measures 42"x42" and total height is 48" tall.



$450-Stacked Finial

This finial will definitely turn some heads.  Stacked to look like a building with a 4" copper ball placed on top.  The base measures 7"x7" with the bottom extension going to 12"x12" and total height is 35".

$100-Copper Fireplace Top

Fireplace tops are not only functional  but can be visually appealing as well.  Their main functions are to:  keep animals, water and debris out of your fireplace and to diminish sparks from the fireplace onto the roof.  This Fireplace Top is made from 16oz copper with a stainless steel screen.  The base measures 12"x12" and the product is 9" tall.

$20-Wall Art

This star is made from paintable galvanized and can be used in a variety of places indoor and outdoor to decorate.  It measures 15.5" from tip to tip.